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Replace Shower Tiles, Shower Makeover

Do I have to replace everything in my entire bathroom?

If you ever noticed that your tiles in your bathroom are cracking or need replacing, I’m sure you thought of remodeling your whole bathroom in order to fix it. Broken bathroom tiles tend to crack and wear over time – this is normal. You do not need to remodel your whole bathroom but it might be worth investing in all brand new tile to make it last alot longer. Tiles made today are made of way better material and will last you a lot longer.

A point to note is that if you plan on replacing every tile in your bathroom, you should consider a dumpster rental to handle all the rubish you create from removing all the tiles in your bathroom. Some dumpster haulers specialize in this type of material so you may want to call a few local haulers to make sure you get the best price. Here is a direct link to my favorite hauler company houstondumpsterrentals.net


Broken tile? Now what?

Ceramic tiles in your bathroom will crack no matter what over time and there is nothing you can do about this. However, you can learn how to repair and replace them when this occurs. Follow these easy steps to save yourself money and time when repairing your bathroom tiles. When you start your project, if you are replacing a few tiles, you will need to research which stores hold exact copies of your tile. If you are replacing all of them, then visit your local store and figure out what style you want to turn your bathroom in to. 

Fix a broken tile

First step you need to do is remove the damage tile you wish to replace. A masonry drill will do the job; drill small holes in the center of the tile. This will cause the tile to break into smaller pieces making it easier to remove and not damage the surrounding tiles. For the stubborn parts, you may need to use a chisel to remove it. 

New Tile

The next step is to add your new tile. Apply ceramic tile adhesive to the area you want to place the new tile. Make sure you are careful and precise so it looks good; you don’t want your bathroom to look worse after adding new tiles. You can seal it off with waterproof sealant