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Best Dumpster Rental in Milwaukee

Anytime you decide to remodel a part of your house, demolish a deck or simply do much needed landscaping work, you need to keep in mind that a dumpster rental is going to be essential.

Any remodeling or demolition work will create a lot of junk and most people don’t realize they need something for it until the process is already under way and the rubbish is starting to pile up. A good junk hauler in Milwaukee can be found at and they offer the best dumpster prices in the area as well. You can check out their dumpster sizes and see which roll off container will best fit your specific job. Don’t forget to ask them if they have any seasonal deals or discounts going on as they usually do. Their services are usually next day and they have professional and kind drivers that deliver their bins every time. They are prompt with delivery and pick up so you don’t have to worry about not getting it or having it picked up a little late when you are done with it. Lastly, their fees are flat-rate so you don’t have to worry about incurring any additional costs along the way.

This is not a junk removal company though. They will not throw junk into the dumpster for you, that is your job to do, but if you can do that, you will have a clear and safe working area free of clutter. You can also get family and friends to come help you out as well. This will make your project at hand go quickly and more smoothy as well as getting help to throw all that junk into the roll off dumpster bins.

Be sure to remember to most dumpster haulers in each area will have similar pricing but the advantage to you is that one has unique services they offer. Some offer same day, some next day, some give you the second rental for free and so on.

Roll off containers can be ordered by 5 yard, 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard sizes. Read the common uses for each bin size to get an idea of what your project will hold. Usually haulers go by cubic square feet of rubbish per dumpster size to give you the best idea.


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Remodel Your Patio Right

Do you have a boring patio or a slab of concrete that you consider a patio?  It is time to consider building a patio or renovating your existing patio to transform it into a place where you can spend time relaxing, entertaining, or dining with your family and/or friends.

Patios can be completely outdoors, enclosed, or semi-enclosed depending on the climate and homeowner’s preference and budget. Whether you have a small area that can become your patio or a large area, there are numerous magazine and websites that you can browse through to get patio design ideas that fit your taste, budget, and style so you too can turn your back yard into a relaxing retreat from the world.

Looking for a fancy patio? You can hire a designer and a contractor to complete this project.  Looking for a simpler style patio? Then consider making this a complete or partial DIY project.

You can remodel your old, boring patio into a beautiful place with simply some comfortable chairs and plants or you can create an oasis with beautiful hardscaping and landscaping. You can include patio furniture, outdoor décor,a fire pit, grill, or fireplace depending on how much time and money you want to spend making this one of your favorite spots to rest and relax. If you want to learn more about dumpster hauling and the prices, visit

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For your patio flooring that is exposed to the elements, concrete, slate,brick, or stone flooring is the most durable and easy to clean with a quick power wash.  To add a bit more color consider using colored stones or stained concrete. You may also consider using patio rugs.

Attractive yet comfortable furniture is an important element of your patio. The four types of furniture recommended for your patio are:

  • Wood patio furniture – commonly made from jarrah, cedar, or teak holds up well in most parts of the country but in dry climates the maintenance of wood patio furniture is higher.
  • Wicker (traditional or all-weather) patio furniture.  Regular wicker is suitable if your patio is enclosed, if exposed to the elements than all-weather wicker is recommended.
  • Metal (wrought iron and aluminum) patio furniture.  Wrought iron patio furniture is very sturdy and recommended for patios in windy areas of the country.  On the other hand aluminum patio furniture is very light, portable, and does not rust.
  • Resin/plastic patio furniture – is the cheapest, portable, does not rust, and easy to maintain; however, it all tends to look alike.

Depending on the size of your patio and your preference, you might consider adding a fountain so you can relax to the sound of running water or a koi pond.  If your back yard already has a tree or bush, consider building your exposed patio in this area to utilize natural shading. If natural shading is not available an umbrella can also provide shade.

Make your patio colorful and bright with a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns of cushions and pillows.  Another way to brighten up your patio area is to plant a variety of flowers along the side of the patio or have plants and flowers strategically placed in pots or hanging baskets. In addition to colorful plants and flowers, consider purchasing those with a fragrance.

Consider adding light to your patio so you can spend the evenings relaxing on your patio.  Consider utilizing solar lights to make your patio energy efficient. If you have an outdoor patio you will have bugs, consider including bug lights, citronella candles or torches as a means of lighting your patio as well as keeping bugs away.

Consider hangingstainless steel or bamboo wind chimes to add a musical melody to your patio when the wind blows.  Prefer the sounds of nature instead of wind chimes; consider adding one or more bird feeders near your patio to attract birds. Don’t forget to learn more about us at our page.

Not only is a nice patio and enjoy place to spend your time, it also adds value to your home – so considering the building or remodeling of your patio as your next home improvement project.

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Being more environmentally friendly will help your health and create happiness knowing that you are taking care of mother earth. To be eco-friendly you will have to make habits to start recycling everything, use alternative cleaning agents, and make minor changes in your home.

The hardest part about being more aware of this is to cut down on what you consume, whether it be what you eat or electricity that you use up when not needed.

I have created a list of 6 ways to make your home eco-friendly:

1. Start with Appliances.

Get rid of your energy abusing old appliances and opt to buy newer, affordable appliances that are more earth friendly and more energy efficient. Examples of these replacements are refrigerators, microwaves, dishwasher, and laundry machines.

To dispose of all the rubbish created visit Dumpster Rental GRAND RAPIDS MI To get these heavy appliances disposed of, you will want to call a local junk removal company like to take care of all your junk removal needs.

Dumpster Rental Resource:

2. Be Aware of House Temperature.

The biggest energy abuse in America is caused by being unaware of when you need your heat or AC on. Keep the thermostat a little cooler in the winter and wear warming clothes to combat the cooler temps until your use to it, vice versa, in the summer turn the AC down a bit and keep windows open so you can enjoy the breeze – the other benefit to this is that you can hear all the nature and birds making sounds outside which is very soothing.

open windows

Using ceiling fans instead of an air conditioner is a great way to stay cool believe it or not. It keeps the air flowing and causes a natural breeze within your home. You will be amazed at what a simple ceiling fan can do!

3. Cut Down Water Usage.

Using an aerator on your faucets can cut your annual water usage by up to 50%. I’m sure you haven’t heard of a low flow toilet, but now your should be happy you do – by installing a low flow toilet you will use half as much water on each flush! Lastly, just use your head, don’t let the water keep running if your brushing your teeth or washing dishes, only flip it on when you need it. Also, cut down on those long hot showers and substitute it for short lukewarm ones – It really wakes you up!

4. Use Green Products.

The first thing you need to do is replace all your toxic cleaners which can put you at risk and any children in the house. Look for cleaners that use grain alcohol instead of butyl cellosolve and coconut and other natural oils rather than petroleum in clothing cleaners.

5. Energy Efficient Bulbs.

Using fluorescent light bulbs can help you save 66% on energy costs and last 10-12 times longer than regular light bulbs. Save money and buy energy efficient light bulbs.

6. Vegetable Garden.

The last thing to do to make your home and yourself more eco-friendly. Don’t use fertilizers and grow carrots, berries, potatoes and peppers. It’s a meditative thing to garden and has health benefits along with it!

Replace Shower Tiles, Shower Makeover

Do I have to replace everything in my entire bathroom?

If you ever noticed that your tiles in your bathroom are cracking or need replacing, I’m sure you thought of remodeling your whole bathroom in order to fix it. Broken bathroom tiles tend to crack and wear over time – this is normal. You do not need to remodel your whole bathroom but it might be worth investing in all brand new tile to make it last alot longer. Tiles made today are made of way better material and will last you a lot longer.

A point to note is that if you plan on replacing every tile in your bathroom, you should consider a dumpster rental to handle all the rubish you create from removing all the tiles in your bathroom. Some dumpster haulers specialize in this type of material so you may want to call a few local haulers to make sure you get the best price. Here is a direct link to my favorite hauler company


Broken tile? Now what?

Ceramic tiles in your bathroom will crack no matter what over time and there is nothing you can do about this. However, you can learn how to repair and replace them when this occurs. Follow these easy steps to save yourself money and time when repairing your bathroom tiles. When you start your project, if you are replacing a few tiles, you will need to research which stores hold exact copies of your tile. If you are replacing all of them, then visit your local store and figure out what style you want to turn your bathroom in to. 

Fix a broken tile

First step you need to do is remove the damage tile you wish to replace. A masonry drill will do the job; drill small holes in the center of the tile. This will cause the tile to break into smaller pieces making it easier to remove and not damage the surrounding tiles. For the stubborn parts, you may need to use a chisel to remove it. 

New Tile

The next step is to add your new tile. Apply ceramic tile adhesive to the area you want to place the new tile. Make sure you are careful and precise so it looks good; you don’t want your bathroom to look worse after adding new tiles. You can seal it off with waterproof sealant