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Top 7 Effective Steps on How to Retile a Shower

Let’s agree, the bathroom is among the most used rooms in our house. Besides, bathroom tiles are vulnerable to mold and mildew which can result in staining, making the ceramic tiles shower floor look ugly and worn. Retiling your shower will not only allow you replace shabby looking or damaged tiles but also allows you to improve the design of the old tiles designs. Here is a guide on how you can retile your shower.

1. Remove the Old Tiles

Using grout removing tools or a putty knife, remove the grout between the tiles to separate them. It is advisable not to break the old tiles because they can still be reused for other purposes. Pry the tile off its base by inserting the grout removing tool all the way beneath the tile, deep enough to remove the tile. Contact to handle the removal of these pesky tiles. You will be glad you hired a dumpster hauler when the time comes.Tap the handle of the grout removing tool with a hammer to exert more force on the tile. Removing the other tiles is easier when the first one has been removed.

2. Examining the walls and the floor of the shower

After removing all the tiles, plan your wall out. Lay out the subway tiles pattern before you start tiling. This ensures there are no awkward slivers or small pieces of tiles along the edges of the floor and the wall. Ensure the surface has a slight slope and is free from stubborn tiles adhesives for proper adhesion of the new tiles.

3. Examine the Existing Water Barrier

A water barrier is a layer of material used to prevent water from soaking into the base of the shower floor. Ensure they are in good conditions after removing all tile adhesives. In case the water barriers are damaged, repair or replace them.

4. Apply an Even-Coat of Thinset mortar

Read the manufacturer’s instructions on mixing thinset mortar according to accordingly. Apply a thin coat of thinset on the area you would like to install the tiles. This is done where you can install the tiles within 15 minutes. It is not advisable to apply the mixture to the entire area at once.

5. Installing the Tiles

Comb the old thinset mortar you applied using an old comb, to ensures the tiles adhere better. Place the first row and tap gently on top of the ceramic tile sing a hammer and repeat this to all the tiles on the first row. Put a flat board on the tiles pressing gently, to ensure the tiles are evenly placed.

6.Use the Tile Spacers

Use a tile spacer mostly from your local home improvement depot, to make sure that the tiles are evenly placed. Check for any unexpected spacing and make necessary changes.

7.Apply the Grout

Ensure the thinnest mortar is fully dry before applying the grout. Read manufacturer’s instructions and mix the grout accordingly. Apply the grout in between the spaces of the tiles, removing excess grout with a wet sponge. Rinse the sponge and repeat the same until the floor is clean.

In Conclusion

Retiling your shower helps you provide a new color palette and also eases maintenance. Unlike painting, tiling might not be as easy as it looks. However, using these steps repetitively will perfect your skills.

Hot Brick Fireplace

Restoring a Super Brick Fireplace

With advances in technology and the advent of central heating in the 1950’s and 1960’s, many people blocked up fireplaces to make use of modern radiators. It’s easy to spot if you have a blocked over fireplace because you will notice a chimney breast in your room and of course a chimney.

Luckily restoring your fireplace is a job possible for the skilled DIY’er, enabling you to bring back the fireplace to be the focal point of the room either reinstating the full use of the chimney to use as an open fire or dressing with some of the many fireplace accessories.

If you have a fireplace in your home, you undoubtedly are aware of the potential it has to be a real focal point of the house, regardless of whether or not you use it. However, if you are like most people, your fireplace is purely functional, and not really a visual centerpiece by any means. To turn your fireplace into the beautiful addition to your home, it deserves to be, you need to put forth a bit of effort.

The first step – does it work?

The very first thing you should do after you realize that you want to turn your fireplace into something special is made sure that it’s up to snuff. If you use the fireplace a lot, great, you’re already aware of the fact that it’s in working order. For a lot of us, though, not using it for a while can lead to deterioration.

To make sure that your fireplace is safe and ready to use, hire a chimney sweep. These professionals are trained to both inspect and clean your chimney and fireplace, and will only recommend using the fireplace after they have carefully combed over the entire thing with a fine tooth comb.

The second step – design

After you’re sure that the fireplace is in working order, you should consider perhaps making some modifications to the mantel and hearth. If you have redesigned the interior of your home recently, try matching the style of the fireplace to the style of your home. This makes the fireplace blend in and improves the entire appearance of the house.

There are plenty of ways to replace or modify existing mantels-just head over to your local hardware store and strike up a conversation with one of the employees there. They will be able to assist you from start to finish. Alternatively, you could hire a professional contractor to do this for you. Our top choice hauler is:

The third step – personalization

This is the simplest and fun part of restoring your fireplace. If you have a family, consider taking some family portraits and displaying them on the mantel for all to see. Otherwise, invest in some high-quality art and hang it on the hearth just make sure the style of the art you display doesn’t clash with the interior decorating of your home. If you paint, your fireplace is the perfect spot to show off your work.

Fireplace Accessories

Once the Fireplace has been reinstated you can move on to dressing the Fireplace with some of the many Fireplace Accessories available.

Probably the first thing you will want to choose is a Fire Basket, these sit in the Fireplace and are used to place Solid Fuels in to burn. Alternatively, if you have not reinstated the chimney, a Fire Basket can make just a nice design statement. Finish the look with a Fire Guard.

Alternatively, you may wish to place an Electric Stove in the Fireplace. These are great where there is no chimney and extremely easy to install. Just plug in and turn on.

Finally, you can add Fireplace Accessories like Coal Buckets, and Fire Companion Sets to complete the look. The later include a range of useful Fireside Tools such as pokers and tongs.